Our Mission

We make education accessible to the children of Dongora Morocho, Ethiopia. Our method is simple. We relocate children from the village to the bustling City of Awassa and pay their tuition to a private k to 12 educational academy. Currently, The Shining Light of Ethiopia funds 5 children who attend the BNB Academy in Awassa.  We hope to expand this number to 10 by the end of 2021. 

Our children live in private residences under the supervision of our Ethiopian Program Director, Hagirso Desta. Hagiro is fluent in Sidamo, the native language of the Dongora Morocho, as well as Amharic and English. Through education and language immersion not available in the village, your generosity will allow the children to complete a proper education and enter the workforce. Our children will become the generation that lifts their village to new heights.

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